4th Note to Readers

Thank you for visiting Simply Educate Me, keeping up with the articles, and using this site for your information needs.

I just would like to inform you that some of the links provided here specifically those links to my articles in Knoji (once Factoidz) may not work. This is Knoji server problem and not of this site because Knoji makes major changes in their policy at this time. They should fix the problem shortly.

I will be fixing this problem on my side and will try to re-post those articles I wrote for reference purposes whenever necessary. I still have copies of the critical topics but it will take some time to publish it here in my site. I have to make sure that Knoji will no longer publish them to ensure that I will not be banned in the site for republishing my articles.

The changes that happens in other sites where I previously wrote my articles are beyond my control. This is one of the reasons why I decided to create Simply Educate Me to house all my instructional articles online. It took me, on the average, two hours to write each of those articles.

Meanwhile, to prevent this kind of changes from happening in the future and to ensure that my articles are all accessible, I applied for a self-hosted site where I have practically total control over my posts.

At present, this website is under the WordPress.com umbrella and I invested for transfer of this site to the fully independent, self-hosted WordPress.org website. The hosting company will be different from WordPress but uses the free core software developed by WordPress volunteers.

According to the WordPress programmers, there will be a window of 24 hours where I should not post yet as they transfer the site to the self-hosted WordPress.org website. This will happen on the 26th of November so you will probably experience some glitches at that time.

You may, therefore, access Simply Educate Me after the 26th of November. To make sure it works, Simply Educate Me, should be stable by 28th of November 2012. The WordPress staff will ensure the transfer works.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to you as you search for information in this site and encounter broken links. These glitches should not take long. And I assure you Simply Educate Me will be better than before.

Thank you for your support and peeking once in a while regarding the progress or new posts in Simply Educate Me. – P. A. Regoniel


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