How to Write a Concept Paper

What is a concept paper? Why is there a need to write a concept paper? How do you write it? This article explains the reasons why a concept paper must be prepared before writing a full blown research paper. It also provides a step-bay-step approach on how to write it. I once browsed the internet […]

Biodiversity Differences in Freshwater and Estuarine Ecosystems

There are very few references available on the biodiversity that can be found in freshwater and estuarine ecosystems of tropical countries. Students, therefore, are not able to appreciate the differences between these two ecosystems. Most of the published literature are descriptions of freshwater and estuarine ecosystems in temperate regions. Recognizing this gap, this article provides […]

5 Qualities of a Good Researcher

While everyone in college will be given the opportunity to do research, not everyone can really do it unless they possess the qualities required of a good researcher. Just like leaders, researchers can also be made, not just born. But there are innate qualities that researchers must possess in order to succeed in this challenging […]

Note to Readers

This website adopted the simplest, minimalist web design in WordPress created by Galin Simeonov to facilitate learning among readers, primarily those who look for no-nonsense answers to their questions in the quickest way possible. It was designed with the student in mind, free of distracting pop-ups and unnecessary graphics that slow down the internet connection, […]

What are Examples of Research Questions?

There are already a considerable number of literature written on how to write the research questions required in investigating a phenomenon. But how are the research questions framed in actual situations? How do you write the research questions? You will need to bear in mind certain rules and principles on how to go about writing […]