The 5 Ws and 1H Technical Writing Approach

What is the 5Ws and 1H technical writing approach?Why should students engaged in research learn this writing approach? How is this writing approach different from other forms of writing? When should writers use this writing approach? What is an example? This article provides answers to these questions.  While technical writing may be a challenge to […]

5 Examples of Psychology Research Topics Related to Climate Change

Are you a psychology student pondering what research topics to pursue in the course of conceptualizing your thesis proposal? This article is tailored right for your needs. You may explore the 5 research topics presented below and come up with your relevant psychology-based research topic on climate change. Specific research questions are offered for your […]

Example Research Topics on Climate Change and Governance

Is there any relationship between climate change and governance? What are the topics of interest regarding climate change and governance? This article defines governance as it is a vague term to many students and presents two major research topics related to climate change and governance. This will jumpstart ideas and focus topics for research purposes. […]

How to Write a Scientific Paper: 8 Elements

How do you write a scientific paper? How is it different from writing in a literary sense? What are the important elements that characterize a scientific paper?  This article provides answers to these common questions posed by students when faced with the task of writing their thesis or first scientific article.  How is Scientific Writing […]

Example of a Research Using Multiple Regression Analysis

Multiple regression is a powerful statistical test used in finding the relationship between a given dependent variable and a set of independent variables. The use of multiple regression requires a dedicated statistical software like SPSS, Statistica, Microstat, among other statistical packages. It will be near impossible to do the calculations manually. However, a common spreadsheet […]

What is Research and Development?

What is research and development? What is the main purpose of research and development? What is an example of research and development? Why are competitive industries investing on research and development? This article provides answers to these questions. The words “research and development” is a buzzword in universities and colleges in many countries nowadays. Developing […]