SimplyEducate.Me Philosophy:

I do not want to lose myself in the quagmire of jargon and complex terms, rather, I’d write simply to educate the masses for the greatest benefit.” – P. A. Regoniel”


This online resource intends to provide free, simplified education to students, both undergraduate and graduate on common topics encountered in college or the graduate school. The articles are written in a down-to-earth mode and in a conversational manner.

All articles written here were posted by the author, Dr. P. Regoniel, a Ph. D. in Environmental Science degree holder, who taught (and still teaches) research and statistics and environment-related subjects in Palawan State University for more than 14 years. He engaged and led various research projects on environment-related researches but could not find enough time to publish extensively in the conventional scientific literature because of his administrative duties. Hence, he contented himself in posting brief articles here and there to share his insights. Dr. Regoniel thought that many of the scientific papers are difficult to comprehend for the average student so he decided to develop this site to compile all the materials he published online and refer to relevant materials in the internet.

Also, he finds many textbooks on research and statistics too complicated for students who are just beginning to explore and appreciate the uses of research and statistics in their lives. An avid practicing statistician (as a hobby and as a source of extra income) since 1992, he thought of publishing online his instructional materials and gleanings from actual statistics engagement so that students new in the field can likewise benefit from it. In fact, one of his students happily informed his aunt that the author was responsible for her to be admitted and upgraded one step in a prestigious school. You can read about this here.

Further, there is a dearth of literature published online on environmental science particularly on those that relate to his region, the tropics. Hence, he also compiles all his online articles on the environment in this site.

He hopes to open simplyeducate.me later to other teachers or more correctly, mentors, so they can likewise share their practical, not just theoretical, knowledge for the benefit of their students and their colleagues.

As Dr. Regoniel teaches both graduate and undergraduate students, the topics discussed here may range from easy to difficult although a down-to-earth approach is applied whenever possible .

About the Articles

The articles published herein are all original articles written by Dr. Regoniel to serve as an open resource for students as well as faculty members who have inclinations on research and statistics, the environment, among others. Links to his previously written articles published in other sites are integrated to facilitate learning.

At this time of writing, most of his educational articles are written in Knoji, a free online writing platform where he honed his skills in online writing, search engine optimization (SEO), and derived revenue enough to pay his monthly internet connection to pursue his writing hobby (just click the following link if you want to join without going through the rigorous selection process: Knoji.com). He excelled in the site as the top writer on environment-related articles. He gained 224 followers in Knoji since he started writing in the site on March 16, 2010. His articles on various topics were viewed by more than 776,404 people and this number keeps on increasing by more than a thousand a day.

Dr. Regoniel’s Online Writing Stint

Dr. Regoniel wrote articles in free online writing sites to test his writing skills and gain insights on how online writing platforms work. These sites include Triond where he first learned online writing, Bukisa, Wikinut, Booksie, Hubpages, Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, ExpertsColumn, Xanga, Livejournal, TheInfomine, and Snipsly. Recently, he was invited to contribute articles in the thefilipinodiasporas.com which is a new Filipino-run web log platform.

Tired of keeping up with the rules of these websites, and the whims of their administrators, he decided to put up his own blogging platform. He now applies his skills in SEO and online writing using WordPress – a free blogging platform with great flexibility. He has to purchase a domain, however, to give the site its own brand of content. At this point, he is familiarizing himself with wordpress tools, learning the ropes intuitively.

He also built his first website, Palawaniana.net, using webnode, a website creation company that uses easy to learn tools. He created, run and sustained Palawaniana.net for more than four years.

As he likes photography and wildlife so much he compiled his environment-related articles and pictures in the site. Palawaniana aims to provide information on tourist spots, wildlife, environmental issues, among others in Palawan, the Philippines’ Last Frontier. Palawan is home to the world-renowned Underground River, one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature of the world. It is blessed with a lot of endemic wildlife which he featured in the site.

Text for Fast Loading Pages

The author, aware that websites load slowly in developing tropical countries because of poor internet connection unlike in developed countries which have modern servers that allow fast access, articles in this site are composed mainly of text. Pictures tend to slow down loading of articles. Leaving out the pictures when not critical in the article allows faster access for quick learning while saving on bandwidth to host this site. Also, users who have to pay to access and read articles online save both time and money.

Occasionally, there may be illustrations to clarify points but sizes are optimized for fast loading. The linked articles may have pictures and ads associated with them. The ads in the linked articles support maintenance of this site. It is possible that later, exclusive WordAds by WordPress will be displayed here.


Please note that these articles, although free to access, are copyrighted material hence must not be copied without permission from the author. Knowledge is meant to be shared but not to be plagiarized and published as if those who copied it generated the content themselves.

If you really like the article, you may print it but don’t forget to acknowledge the author and refer the site to your friends so more people can benefit from it.

©2012 October 23 Patrick Regoniel


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